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Our Tribute To Hillbillies… (& Lambert’s Cafe In Foley, Alabama)

I’ve noticed that lots of people are finding their way to our site after searching for something about Lambert’s Cafe (we’ve previously shared a couple of photos taken in this unique dining establishment).

Which reminded me that I also took this crazy photo the last time we went to Lambert’s Cafe in Foley, Alabama:

Listen to Bud Light’s Real American Heroes ”Mr. Underwear Inspector No. 12″:

Following are some other photos we took at Lambert’s Cafe, “home of the throwed rolls”.

Check out the Lambert’s Cafe website to see why it’s such a unique place to visit — and why they THROW ROLLS at you in the first place!


More Hillbilly Humor

If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out this full-length music video of “Hillbillies Like It Like That” — a new catchy tune from Hot Apple Pie.

(…You can’t HELP but tap your foot to this one. Plus, ya gotta love that lead singer, Brady Seals, is a hometown guy from Franklin, Tennessee!)


Words & Lyrics to “Hillbillies Like It Like That”

by Hot Apple Pie

Hillbillies love it in the hay! Tractors parked out in the yard I say you and me take it down to the barn Pull it inside and climb to the top Spread out a blanket in a favorite spot Pitch that pitchfork outta the way Hillbillies love it in the hay

Grab that bottle of strawberry wine Plate full of chicken and some of that pie We could be there all night long You know how we get when we get it on Up in the loft down yonder way (whaddya say?) Hillbillies love it in the hay

Let me down on a bed of gold Roll me round til the cows come home Drive me wild in the soft sweet grass Hillbillies like it like that

Sun’s comin up and the rooster crows Hound dog chewin on a chicken bone (chicken bone) You and me just havin a ball That’s a good thing that old mule can’t talk (a good guess) Ain’t no tellin what he might say Hillbillies love it in the [mule noise]


Let me down on a bed of gold Roll me round til the cows come home Drive me wild in the soft sweet grass (aww yes) Hillbillies like it like that

Hey Hillbilly, Hey Hillbilly (y’all know what we’re talkin ’bout) Hey Hillbilly, Hey Hillbilly


More photos from Lambert’s Cafe

Outside of the building -- Lamberts Cafe in Foley, Alabama is the official 'home of the throwed rolls'. Jim was the designated 'roll catcher' at our table... he scored a number of rolls for our table! Jim catching throwed rolls. Notice the roll-thrower's form... just PERFECT!

And if that wasn’t enough… Check out another radio hit by Jason Aldean called “Hicktown”. Here’s the full-length music video: