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This caught my eye on Twitter: 'High quality, low cost chef and paring knives, great for cooks on a budget.' See why I love the knives, but I decided NOT to buy them on OpenSky.

Food on a stick can be a delicacy in some countries or an everyday food in others. Check out these weird foods!... photo by magical-world on Flickr

An interesting look at weird food on TV, strange foods from other countries, unusual food at McDonalds. Plus 2 new trends: deep fried food & food on a stick!

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As seen in this video, it's a proven fact that bottled drinking water is no better than tap water. Here are all the reasons you need to stop wasting money on bottled water.

A superfood is one that provides multiple health benefits when it is included in your diet. Superfoods are often overlooked. This video will introduce you to many superfood items from around the world.

Chocolate dipped bugs -- including chocolate covered crickets and chocolate covered grasshoppers -- are the latest food sensation that everyone's buzzing about. Here's where to buy them, and ways to make some unusual chocolate dipped foods yourself.

Chocoholics rejoice! There are 3 new reasons that dark chocolate benefits health enough to raise it to superfood status. Finally, the chocolate bar with almonds is recognized for all of its health benefits.

Canned goods stacking competitions are the latest rage. Using canned goods to Create works of art is a tool often used by engineering and art schools alike. Break out your supply of tuna and give it a try, you might find a new career from your effort.

Looking for a healthy snack? Try some nuts and berries! Not what you're after? We've got lots of other healthy snack ideas here.