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Vegetable Container Gardening Ideas: How To Get Started …And Get Free Seeds!

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By Curtis

There’s nothing better than fresh, out of your own garden, fruits and vegetables!

Growing produce from year to year can be even more satisfying, if you harvest your own seeds for the upcoming growing season. Otherwise, the expense of those little packets of seeds can quickly add up.

If you look at gardening the way that past generations have done it, then you’ll want to put aside enough seeds for next year’s crop. That’s how you perpetuate your food supply.


You don’t need 40 acres of plowed field to keep fresh vegetables on your dinner table. Urban gardening takes up very little space, and can even be done in containers on the small balcony off your downtown apartment.

Begin with something simple.

For example, my 2 favorites are tomatoes and squash.

Both are easy to grow and can be started well in advance of the warm summer days to come. Harvest the seeds from your crop, and forever after you will have free seeds for your garden!

This video shows how easy it is to start your own container garden:


See the best times to plant seeds in your area.


Container Gardening 101

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