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We like these glazed carrots so much, we've been eating them practically every day for a couple of weeks now! You can't eat too many carrots, can you? I mean, your skin doesn't start to turn orange or anything, does it?

Do you know where your fruits and vegetables come from? Here's a confusing scenario I encountered the other day...

Did you know that when you buy produce at the grocery store, in addition to the cost of the farmer growing and harvesting the produce, you are also paying the cost to ship the item as well? That makes produce from supermarkets more expensive than local produce from local farmers.


See when all types of produce, fruits & vegetables are going to be the absolute freshest in grocery stores and when you can buy them locally. Here's when fruits and vegetables are in season where you live.

They say that people can lower their pesticide exposure by almost 90% by avoiding the top 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables and eating the least contaminated instead.

See why hot peppers and jalapenos just aren't as HOT as they used to be!...

After 11 years as a loyal member, I've decided to let my Sam's Club membership lapse. I am going to miss a few things at the trusty 'ol Sam's Club. They carry a handful of items that I just can't find elsewhere, or prices that just can't be beat, like...

Usually when I peel potatoes (such as when making mashed potatoes), I just use a potato peeler and skin them in the kitchen sink. Then, boil the peeled potatoes in hot water, and so on. But, by the looks of this video, there's an easier way to peel a potato. Check out this video.

Slash your pesticide ingestion by 90% with this list of the most and least contaminated fruits & vegetables. For the most contaminated ones: buy organic!