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Homemade egg drop soup is one meal that is both satisfying and tasty. At the same time, it will help keep your blood glucose monitor reading well within the safe range if you are diabetic. Here's how I made my own egg drop soup recipe.

I decided to try organic chicken soup after seeing how many preservatives are in traditional canned chicken soup. My taste-test review of 4 popular organic soups.

On a cold, blustery day, there's nothing better than a hot bowl of hearty soup to warm the soul! If you're looking for a thick, creamy chowder that will stick to your ribs and satisfy a big appetite, this recipe for New England Clam Chowder fits the bill.

If you're tired of Ramen Noodles or Hamburger Helper, try Whole Chicken In A Can. Laugh if you like, but whole canned chicken makes a great soup or stew! It's fully cooked, just reheat and add some fresh veggies for a wonderful meal.

Chicken soup warms you inside and out -- especially during the colder winter months. Plus, when it comes to feeding a group, chicken is about the most cost-effective meat you can buy. You have some choices with this recipe... Do you want soup? Or do you want stew? And dumplings are always a family favorite.

Food recipes are meant to be tried, experimented with & enjoyed... the way YOU like 'em! Rachael Ray helps with this! Here are some of Rachael Ray's special touches that make cooking FUN.

Here are all the best cooking tips I've acquired through the years... and they REALLY work. Enjoy!

For a guy who's not into 'recipes' or following directions when he cooks, my husband is a pretty good cook! Here's how Chef Jim likes to mix it up in the kitchen...

Decided to make some homemade chicken soup... for the first time ever. It turned out REALLY good. And it was REALLY easy! Here's how I did it:...