Fun With Jell-O …and Jello Dancers With Bodies Like Slinkies

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Certainly you’ve heard it…

That ‘wiggle song” that plays every time a Jello commercial airs on TV.

Here are the words:

You need an invite to the soiree.
You need a tu-tu to do ballet.
You need Latin to to seize the day.
But anyone can wiggle.

You need a license to drive a car.
You need lessons to play guitar.
You need a permit to do just about anything.
But anyone at anytime can wiggle.

Wiggle while your wrigglin’ free. Gonna giggle.
While you jiggle in a wigglin’ spree. Wiggle
Wiggle if your wrigglin’ free. Gonna giggle.
While you jiggle in a wrigglin’ spree. Wiggle.”


Jello Commercial Dancers

What I want to know is: Where are the dancers???

(You know, those slim-figured multi-talented contortionists who appear at the end of each Jello commercial.)

I’ve tried — unsuccessfully — to find a video which shows the Jello dancers in action.

They can place their bodies in such a wide range of shapes and positions.

And they do it so effortlessly.

I happened to see those same dancers on the Ellen show not long ago. But I can’t seem to locate any video for that either.

And the Jello dancers were even part of the 2007 Academy Awards, I believe. (Which probably explains how Ellen got them to be on her show, since she hosted the Oscars this year.)

But, for some reason, no one’s really talking about the multi-talented Jello dancers.

What’s up with that? I, for one, would like to see more from them and I’d be interested in learning a bit more about the dancers themselves.

Guess I’m the only one…


Fun With Jell-O


A classic Alvin and the Chipmunks commercial for Jell-O…

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Fun Jello Recipes

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Make an incredible Jello Aquarium…


  • 4 boxes of blue raspberry Jell-O or other blue-colored flavor
  • Blue M&M’s
  • Assorted gummi sharks and fish candies

1. Combine hot and cold water and Jell-O mix according to package directions.
2. Spray a mold or plastic bowl with vegetable shortening (for easy removal). Pour liquid Jell-O into mold.
3. Chill for 20 to 30 minutes. Press gummy sharks and fish and blue M&M’s into the Jell-O.
4. Return the Jell-O to the refrigerator. Chill for 3 to 4 hours.


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Did you know you can make bubbles from Jello?…


  • 1 part dish washing detergent
  • 1 part gelatin powder, any flavor/color
  • 8 to 10 parts warm water

Mix all gently as making suds will weaken the mixture.


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You can’t talk about fun Jell-O recipes without including Jello shots…

Jello Shots Recipes


Have You Seen The Human Slinky Yet?…

UPDATE: I think I’ve solved the riddle!…

I recently saw a TV commercial, and then a print ad for the Hyundai Santa Fe. Each had the tagline: “…for whatever shape life takes.” At the bottom of the ad it said “featuring Pilobolus”. A quick search in Google landed me here where I learned that Pilobolus is “a major American dance company of international influence.” (Their homepage currently shows the Pilobolus Hyundai commercial.)

It gets better…

A video search for Pilobolus brought me full circle and helped to clarify the relationship these amazing dancers have with Ellen DeGeneres (as I alluded to above). Here’s a video from the Academy Awards Show that Ellen hosted… and yep, they were featured on the show. Here they are performing a unique tribute to the movie, Happy Feet.

In case you’re interested…

There’s another talented dance group called Momix that is currently being featured in Hanes commercials.

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