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Good Guy Grub – Food & Recipes For The Guys

Okay ladies… click on through to another food story here at The Fun Times Guide.

You probably don’t want to see this. It could get… well, the videos and website are “aimed at the short-attention-span, hard-to-reach, hormone-unbalanced audience of 18-34 males who deep down inside their genes still act like they are 16.”

Don’t blame me; they say it on the website.


Guy Grub Guy (a part of the GuyProps Network) has a kitchen that looks more like a hardware store, cooks in a shop apron and a hard hat, and uses the tools you have in your garage in his kitchen.

That’s what most of his videos are about too: how to use things like pliers, saws and hammers as cooking utensils.

Check out this list of guy utensils.

The videos are short and, as you probably suspect, meant to get laughs as much as teach you cooking. Okay, probably more for the laughs.

But the Guy Grub Guy does have some recipes and cooking tips nestled in between the jokes and sight gags (and photos of babes in revealing outfits). For example, this video walks you through his meatloaf recipe:

If you think you have a video that can stand up to the ultimate guy test, send it in to the Guy Grub Guy.

If he agrees that it meets the criteria (using a table saw to julienne vegetables will probably win you points), then you get one of his DIY Party Kits.

I don’t think I want to know what’s in that!