Jim is Hot, Hot, HOT!

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We’re talkin’ HOT like Chicago fire hot!

In honor of Jim, who has been in Canada this past week (working a race and a concert for the IHRA), I thought I would share this funny little story…



Last 4th of July, we were having a cook-out, so I picked up some mustard at our local Kroger grocery store.

Jim doesn’t eat mustard.

He LOVES honey mustard salad dressing. In fact that’s his salad dressing of choice. But he won’t touch regular mustard.

  • Not dijon mustard.
  • Not hot & spicy mustard.
  • Not brown mustard.
  • Not sweet mustard.

For some reason, Jim loves this mustard: Plochman’s Chicago Fire Mustard.

Classic yellow mustard spiced with TABASCO brand Pepper Sauce, Plochman’s Chicago Fire Mustard is a great way to wake up your taste buds!

Source: Tabasco

And he likes it a lot. So much that we made 3 more trips to that same Kroger store and bought 3 more bottles right away the day that we discovered it!

You see, Jim’s quick-fix meal of choice each day when I’m at work and he’s working from home is: Hotdogs.

By mid-winter, we had run out of the Plochman’s Chicago Fire mustard… and so had our local Kroger store.

Jim was really bummed. (I think he had become addicted.)

From this point forward, every time I went to the grocery store, Jim asked me to look for that mustard. I did. No dice.

We’re talking months of this. Jim resorted to mustard-less hotdogs each and every day. No other mustard would do.

Finally, the day before Jim left for Canada last week, he made a run to the grocery store himself. That, in itself, is something to blog about. But I digress…

I arrive home from work to find this sitting on the kitchen counter:

fire hot mustard

Turns out, Jim found it at the Publix (in Fieldstone Farms for all the locals). Which, coincidentally, is where he also ran into Tomas Vokoun and his (very) pregnant wife and their adorable little girl. (Hmmm, Publix seems to be a very popular place for the local celebs.)


I just thought it was funny that Jim decided he’s not taking any chances of running out of that mustard this time!

He said he bought every last bottle that was on the store shelf. And the cashier made a comment to the effect of: “My, you must really like mustard!” To which he informed her that he took every single bottle, and he advised her to tell the manager to order more — because he’d be back in a few weeks for more.

…You can bet he will too!

Or, we could just buy it by the case from Plochman’s directly!

Rest assured, I’ve already signed him up for the Mustard Lover’s Club at Plochman’s!

Love ya, hun.