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What’s In My Belly?

What's interesting to me, is the fact that this act of photographing food has taken over Adam's life in such a way, that the food sometimes takes a backseat to the story and what's ultimately been 'strategically placed' within the frame of the photo.

Jack Daniel’s Tour Highlights

The Jack Daniels Distillery Tour itself lasts about 2 hours. You traverse approximately 9 acres -- by foot -- going in and out of buildings and warehouses, with 18 different stops along the way.

Pop?… Soda?… or Coke?…

So, which is it? What is the generic term YOU use to refer to soft drinks? Is it 'Pop'?... What about 'Soda'?... Or, is 'Coke' the word used to represent all beverages in your world?

Diet Coke… With A Lime Twist!

If you haven't already tried Lime-flavored Diet Coke, you've gotta try it! I usually don't like citrus-flavored drinks, including lemon tea or soda, but the LIME-flavored just adds a bit of "bubbly" to the beverage. It even tops Cherry-flavored...