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Whether you pick a small spot in the backyard for a vegetable garden or you try container gardening, here are some tips for getting a successful harvest from your very first organic vegetable garden.

Do you know where the food you ate today originally came from? Chances are most of the food you eat comes from factory farms. Here are some reasons to consider buying organic food, or growing your own. It's healthier, among other things!

Do you squeeze bread on the store shelves in order to determine its freshness? Well, you don't really have to do that anymore for 3 reasons -- listed here. Plus, the facts behind those color-coded bread tags.

Here are some insider secrets for choosing the right cuts of beef, plus tips for cooking beef based on the particular cut of meat.

A collection of tips to help you get the most out of your next shopping trip at the local Farmer's Market.

As part of seafood marketing, they're renaming fish populations to increase sales! Will more interesting sounding names entice you to order it more? Personally, I'm trying to eat more sustainable fish. More about that here.

There are a number of take-and-bake options available these days. Each provides fast, healthy, meals to go. We will explore 5 of these meal delivery systems in depth, and mention a number of others worth considering. Each offers prepared meals -- whether you're just too busy to cook meals yourself or you're seeking a weightloss alternative.

Did you know that most weeds that grow in your yard are actually edible? Here are some of the foods that will grow themselves in your yard.

Have you started gardening for groceries yet? I have. I'm starting with tomatoes and strawberries planted in containers. It's a form of urban gardening. Here's what you need to know to start your own urban garden project, plus LOTS of tips to save you time and money!