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A collection of the best fried chicken recipes that you can make at home: pan fried chicken, oven fried chicken, deep fried chicken, and more!

Both a pressure cooker and a crockpot can make your meat super tender and delicious. One takes more time but can be left unattended while cooking. The other needs vigilant supervision throughout the cooking process.

Should you use a pressure cooker? Or should you use a crock pot? A crockpot is also known as a slow cooker. The pressure cooker claims speed similar to a high power microwave, the crockpot insists low and slow but ready by supper time is the better way.

The best part: everything from meats and vegetables to desserts can be made in a pressure cooker. In the end, your food is cooked in one-third the time, and it's much frsher tasting than microwaved food.