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How To Get Your Own Bottle Of Water Through Security And On An Airplane

bittled water

Do you travel on airplanes a lot?

Jim has been flying a lot more lately, and one thing he saw in the airport recently is definitely something I’m looking forward to trying.

Psst… I was just flipping through an old issue of Budget Travel, and they actually had a little blurb about doing this exact same thing. So it’s not just me who thinks this is a great idea!

A Cheapskate Idea

This one is simple, but true.

Who knows, maybe everyone in the world has thought of it (or already does this), and I’m just way behind the times.

But I’m going to do it from now on…

The best part: it’s FREE!


Don’t Pay For Expensive Airport Water!

The fact of the matter is, you cannot get through airport security these days with a bottle of water in tow — or any beverage for that matter.

Yet, after you get through security at the airport, you are free to purchase water that’s for sale at the airport snack shops.

And yes, you can even carry that bottle of water on the plane with you.

But, instead of paying for expensive bottled water at the airport, you can actually pack (and get through security with) an empty water bottle of your own tucked inside your carry-on luggage.

Then, just fill up your own empty water bottle at a drinking fountain that’s located beyond the security check!

(…That is, unless you have issues with drinking water fountain water.)

From Budget Travel (March 2007):

Avoid paying high prices for bottled water at airports by carrying empty bottles through security and then filling them up at a water fountain.”
— Ted Blumenstein, Rocklin, California