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Condiments taste so much better when you make them at home without a lot of preservatives. Try these condiments recipes to add some zing your meals!

A super handy reference guide for anyone who spends time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food. I refer to these kitchen shortcuts ALL the time!

Many restaurants offer a secret dining menu for popular items or substitutions not listed on their main menu. For example, this video decodes In-N-Out Burger's secret menu, plus tips for ordering other items not on the menu.

Is sugar really that bad for us? Aren't sugar substitutes better? We explore these questions, while touching on the most popular artificial sweeteners used today. Here are 20 things I bet you didn't know about sugar and sugar substitutes!

Here are some fun ways to flavor plain popcorn and keep it healthy, plus lots of flavored popcorn recipes that are also healthy.

The latest new artificial sweetener goes by the name of Splenda. According to all the hype, it is made from sugar and because of that it is safer. But is it? The following information will make you think twice about using Splenda and other artificial sweeteners!