Why I Love Pyrex Glass Food Storage Bowls

by Lynnette

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pyrex-glass-food-storage-bowlsOne of the best things I did recently was to replace all of my old plastic food storage bowls & containers with glass ones.

My first thought was: No way, too expensive! But I had some gift certificates on Amazon to spend, so I splurged.

I’d become so frustrated with my 4-year old plastic bowls simply because they were all starting to crack. And the insides of the bowls were all peeling a bit — so we were probably eating small shards of plastic with our meals. And the were showing stains pretty bad. (Darn those red sauces!)

Well, I’ve had my new Pyrex glass storage bowls for a couple months now, and I’m SOOOO glad I made the switch!


Why I Love Pyrex Glass Storage Bowls

I actually bought 2 sets of the Pyrex food storage bowls:

The lids on both sets have ‘vents’ on top (in the center of the lid) that you use to burp the air out of the container prior to food storage.

Here’s why I’m so happy with these 2 sets of food storage bowls…

They’re SO easy to clean!
Dishwasher — top or bottom shelf. And they always come out sparkling.

They always look brand new.
The plastic bowls always seemed to dry out and become more brittle after all the repeated microwaving and dishwashing. But these glass bowls are indestructible — in that sense. Not to mention the fact that the glass bowls will never stain like the plastic ones did. Nor will they ever show scratches.

The lids are TIGHT.
It’s as if there is a double (if not triple) seal on these lids. On one end, there’s a wide-grip handle of sorts — making it easy to lift the lid off.

They look great.
I really like the look, weight and style of the glass bowls themselves. There is a very narrow lip all the way around the top edge of the bowls themselves — which makes for easier lifting and gripping. Overall, these glass bowls are attractive, yet lightweight and durable. You could definitely serve from them and still be stylin’.

pyrex-glass-bowls-for-food-storage.jpg They stay warm to the touch.
When warming things up in the microwave, I find that the Pyrex glass bowls don’t get so awfully hot like some of my other glass bowls do. They’re glass, so yes, they can definitely get hot. But I find that I don’t have to use potholders to remove them from the microwave as often as I do with other glass bowls.

The lids are durable.
Aside from the slight staining issue with the lids, they are so thick and durable. And they’re made of a flexible plastic that seems to have a lot of give to it. I think these lids will last a very long time. But, in case you ever need replacement lids, you can get them at these Pyrex factory outlet stores.

Rectangular bowls were an option in this set.
pyrex-storage-deluxe-8-piece-glass-bowls-lids.jpg I prefer square and rectangular storage bowls (like the Lock & Lock — mentioned in a minute) over round & oval ones. Why? Because they stack nicer and take up less space in cabinets, freezer, and refrigerator …since you can bump ’em right up next to other things without having curved edges that just take up space. So I got one Pyrex set that just had round bowls, and one set that had a couple of larger rectangular bowls. (By the way, the round bowls that each set comes with are identical, so they stack nicely together, as if they’re from the same set.)

They can go from fridge to freezer to microwave without incident.
I say that with one caveat: I haven’t put mine in the freezer, freezer or microwave yet. But the warranty info they come with clearly says that you can. I just tend to be overly protective of my gadgets & gizmos (especially when they’re brand new), so I try to resist things that I think will make them less than perfect. You see, I can’t help but think that the drastic changes in heat & cold from the freezer, microwave, and the washing & drying cycles in the dishwasher will tend to dry out the plastic making feel more brittle over time. (That’s what happened with my old plastic containers.) Why take a chance that the lids will stop sealing as securely? I hand wash all my lids and keep them out of the microwave… for now.

I use the small bowls more than I thought I would.
I was really afraid the smallest bowls in the set were just going to be a waste. But, much to my surprise, I DO use the very tiny (1-2/3 cup) bowls — all the time, in fact! They’re perfect for storing almost a whole onion, that you’ve only taken one or two slices off. Also great for sauces and dips. And the lids seal so tight, there are no onion smells escaping into my refrigerator — like the days when I stored leftover onions in plastic storage bowls. So… while the small bowls are an unusual size for me, as it turns out they’re just the right size to store small amounts of and leftovers for one person. And they’re not nearly as small as I thought they were going to be.


My Only Reservations About The Pyrex Bowls…

Unfortunately, the lids which are made of thick-grade (bendable) plastic DO stain from red sauces. Fortunately, the first one I stained (on the underside only) was the dark blue color, so you can barely tell. The lids on my other set are a silvery gray, so they would have shown the stain much worse. I’ll just make a point not to use the gray lids with red sauces, that’s all.

I don’t exactly see the effectiveness of the ‘pop tops’ that are built-into these lids. They’re supposed to be the last thing you do to take the extra air out of the container before placing it in the refrigerator or freezer. But I don’t see much air being expressed when I do it. I don’t care though… the bowls and even lids themselves are still better than any others I’ve ever used before.

Since the lids are so secure…  you do need 2 hands. These aren’t one-handers like my other favorite plastic wear: Lock & Lock.

lock-and-lock-airtight-food-storage-container.jpg I use Lock & Lock for storing food items in the pantry — some still in their bags & wrappers, some not. Lock & Lock really keeps foods fresher longer. The seal is great on those lids.

The Pyrex food storage bowls are glass, so yes they can break. But I’ve bumped mine around a bit (on accident), and I was thrilled to find they didn’t chip or crack or break… yet. They’re not a real thick ballistic grade glass, but they’re a nice middle-weight glass material.

I definitely don’t need more than the 2 sets I just purchased. But I like them so much, I want to buy more — just so I don’t ever run out, or in case Jim breaks one or something. But I’m resisting the urge to buy more for now. I’m just happy to know that I’ve finally found some food storage bowls that I like for a change! (Gosh, I wonder if anyone else gets as giddy about bowls as me?)