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Not Your Average Green Bean Casserole: Try These Interesting Recipe Variations

Green bean casserole is a staple on many Thanksgiving tables across America.

Our family likes it so much, we also serve it for Christmas dinner as well.

Why not add a new twist to that all-time favorite green bean casserole this year?… 

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The History

For starters, here are some fun facts about Campbell’s green bean casserole:

Born in an era (1955) when creamy soup was considered a gourmet touch, Campbell’s green bean casserole recipe has endured the test of time.

It was made using 2 pantry staples of the 1950s: green beans and cream of mushroom soup.

The dish was created by Campbell’s kitchen manager, Dorcas Reilly, and it was originally called "Green Bean Bake".

The goal was to come up with simple recipes using Campbell’s products to promote the use and increased purchase of the company’s products. (It has since become a popular Thanksgiving side dish in the United States.)

It is estimated that green bean casserole will appear on 30 million tables this holiday season.


Variations And Modifications For Green Bean Casserole

There are lots of ways that people have modified the traditional green bean casserole that’s printed on the back of most Campbell’s products.

For example, if you’d like to add a twist to the age-old favorite, Campbell’s suggests:

  • adding drained water chestnuts for more crunch

  • adding holiday color by chopping up a red bell pepper

  • Adding broccoli instead of green beans

  • Adding in lightly sauteed mushrooms

  • Sprinkling bacon bits on top of the dish for added zest

  • Topping the dish with croutons or crackers for a new kind of crunch

  • Adding shredded cheddar cheese to the bean mixture and to the topping for a family of cheese-lovers

  • Preparing the recipe with Campbell’s 98% Fat Free Cream of Mushroom soup for a lighter version

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