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Thanksgiving food

It's time to trade in your old analog cookware for new digital cookware! These 4 hi-tech kitchen gadgets will transform your Thanksgiving dinner. A faster & easier way to prepare food at home for the holidays!

What I've learned about turkey brining: It works best for roasting/grilling a turkey. Thaw the turkey completely first. Soak the turkey 8-24 hrs in the brine marinade. Dry off the turkey and cook it.

Next time you’re hosting a party or preparing food for a group, don’t panic. Try these quick & easy recipes. You won't be stressed. Your guests will be full.

Here are LOTS of ways to improve on the traditional Campbell's green bean casserole recipe. More variations and modifications than you can imagine -- to make this year's green bean casserole even better!

Here are some ways to use leftover turkey in creative, fun, and appetizing ways... Lots of turkey recipes that will put your leftover holiday turkey to good use!