What’s In A BLT?

by Lynnette

bacon, mayonnaise, sandwiches, tomatoes

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Hormel precooked bacon - fully cooked and no messy grease. FACT: A BLT by any other name is still the same.

I had a BLT sandwich for lunch, and it got me thinking…

What’s in a BLT sandwich?

I know, I know, they’re SUPPOSED to have bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, right? Plus a tad of mayo, between two slices of bread.

But our BLT’s are a bit different…

I don’t know why we even call them BLT’s.

We usually just have BT’s — bacon and tomato sandwiches (with mayo, of course). This is because we NEVER have lettuce on hand.

But then again, the only time we actually have tomatoes on our BT’s is when Jim’s dad bring a whole bushel of them from Ohio when he visits.

So usually we’re just stuck with BM’s. Eeeeewwwww!
…Still tasty, just not the BLT YOU’RE used to 🙂

Speaking of, Jim’s dad is coming to visit THIS weekend! Wonder if he’s packin’ tomatoes???

BACON BONUS TIP #1: Sam’s Club sells the BEST bacon that makes it easy to whip up BLT sandwiches in no time! It’s by Hormel, and you get 60 pre-cooked slices (3lbs.) for around $5.00. Just pull out the number of slices you want on your sandwich, place them on a paper plate, microwave for 30 seconds. And walah!… The crispiest bacon ever — without the grease and mess from cooking bacon the “old-fashioned” way.

BACON BONUS TIP #2: Without a doubt, the best place in Nashville to get a tasty (and cheap!) BLT is at a little bar on Broadway called Robert’s Western World. Who knew???