My All-Time Favorite Tupperware Products

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I just discovered that you can buy Tupperware products online!

How cool is that?!

You no longer have to go to a Tupperware Party to see the latest & greatest Tupperware containers. Yay. Instead, you can find Tupperware products online now.

Here are my all-time favorite Tupperware products…


Tupperware Products I Own

Truth is, I haven’t ever been a huge purchaser of Tupperware products.

I mean, I’m really not that loyal to any one brand …of anything.

That said, I have purchased my fair share of Tupperware items. Because when I find something I like, I tend to buy it (often in multiple colors, shapes & sizes).

Here are my all-time favorite in the world of Tupperware:

Oval See-Thru Containers – Great for dry pourable foods. I have the smallest size. I use them for toting snacks to work and saving small leftovers.


Snack Cups – Perfect for bite-size snacks or single servings… for taking along in your purse, or storing leftovers.


Cereal Storer – For the longest time, I used to remove the cereal (in its waxed-paper liner) and then throw away the cardboard cereal box. THEN, I discovered these cereal storers! They hold a lot of cereal (we usually buy the larger sized boxes of cereal from Costco), and they’re see-thru, so you can always see just how much cereal is left.


Forget Me Not Containers – These are great for storing the remaining half of an onion, half of a tomato, or any other partially used fruit or vegetable. They take up virtually no space, since they “hang” from the racks in your refrigerator.


Season-Serve Container – This is supposed to be for marinading meats and vegetables (thanks to the unique “grills” built-into the container), but I use it for storing everything from fresh-baked cookies to breads and chips. It’s a great size — in between “large” and “small”, yet deep enough to hold several layers.


Serving Center Set – The perfect veggie tray container! It separates and organizes all of your stuff: vegetables & tip, taco & nacho fillings, condiments for cookouts and more.


Shape-O Toy – Okay, so I was a
when I owned this one, but who doesn’t have fond memories of this one-of-a-kind toy? I actually didn’t know until recently that this toy came from Tupperware!


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Tupperware Products I Would Love To Have

CrystalWave Soup Mug – A mug that works like a bowl and can go from fridge to lunchbox to microwave to table. It’s great for eating soups, oatmeal, and instant noodles at work.


Spaghetti Dispenser – This see-thru container has a special insert which allows for easy pouring and measuring of spaghetti noodles. It’s great for breadsticks too.


Rock ‘n Serve Mug – A great way to cook & serve single-size portions of soup, stew, pasta, or even hot chocolate — especially at work. I like that it’s got a big handle, can go from freezer to microwave to table, the unbreakable & stain-resistant plastic lasts a lifetime, and the vent on the lid “rocks” open, allowing steam to escape in the microwave — so no more messy microwave splatters.


FridgeSmart Containers – I’ve seen these demonstrated on QVC & they look really practical! They make your fruits and vegetables last longer in the refrigerator. How? The built-in grid keeps food higher than the condensation which builds up. And the unique venting system lets you regulate the airflow within the container — because fruits & veggies have different airflow needs when stored in the fridge.

Tupperware went above & beyond on this one too… Each container has a permanent storage/venting chart molded into the side, so you always know the best vent settings for your favorite fruits and vegetables. Check it out here.


Insulated Tumbler with Drip-less Straw Seal – This would be great for our fresh-made smoothies! It’s large (24oz), and its double-walled design keeps beverages cold for hours. The “drip-less straw seal” (aka lid) minimizes leakage even when tipped (with the straw in it!) — which prevent messy spills.


Stuffables Storage Containers – These bowls are award-winning (…or maybe it’s the lids which are award-winning). The lids “expand” allowing you to stuff more inside. Think “expandable luggage”… similar concept.


Easy-Lift Cutting Board – Not only is this cutting board uniquely designed… it’s also BLACK, so it would go nicely in a modern kitchen AND it hides the nicks and cuts into the board’s surface better than white and wooden cutting boards do. Plus, it’s got non-skid feet on the bottom, so it won’t slip away while you’re cutting. And the built-in indented trough catches peels, seeds, and juices — keeping your chopping surface and your counter clean.


Lid Organizer: The Place For Seals – (Tupperware call its lids “seals”.) Isn’t the process of storing lids to all your plastic bowls a headache?… (I currently store all mine on their sides inside the largest size plastic bowl I own.) This handy little contraption makes it a cinch to keep all your Tupperware lids in one place — neat & tidy.


Tupperware has added a bunch more cool products to their line-up. Here are my top picks from Tupperware’s newest stuff.