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It's hard to trust nutrition labels when they hide bad facts with confusing numbers. Serving sizes can be ridiculously small just to make it look good in the percentages. Making your own nutritional labels for food that you prepare at home is the best way to get a handle on what you're eating and the foods' nutritional values.

Whether you pick a small spot in the backyard for a vegetable garden or you try container gardening, here are some tips for getting a successful harvest from your very first organic vegetable garden.

Do you know where the food you ate today originally came from? Chances are most of the food you eat comes from factory farms. Here are some reasons to consider buying organic food, or growing your own. It's healthier, among other things!

See the latest food industry trends. Plus, all the best links to stay on top of the most recent food and restaurant trends.

The same additive that makes white paint is used to make many foods whiter and more appealing to the eye. What's appalling is Titanium Dioxide doesn't get listed on the ingredient label even though it's classified as a possible carcinogen!

There are a number of take-and-bake options available these days. Each provides fast, healthy, meals to go. We will explore 5 of these meal delivery systems in depth, and mention a number of others worth considering. Each offers prepared meals -- whether you're just too busy to cook meals yourself or you're seeking a weightloss alternative.

I'm so glad I found this amazing step-by-step guide to bread making on Epicurious! You CANNOT make bread wrong when you follow these thorough instructions

Did you know that most weeds that grow in your yard are actually edible? Here are some of the foods that will grow themselves in your yard.

The founder of, which is one of the first cooking sites on the Internet, and more recently, Kate Heyhoe has written several cookbooks. But it's her latest book, Cooking Green: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen -- the New Green Basics Way, that tackles HOW you cook. Which, she says, is just as important as WHAT you cook.