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Go Green With M&M’s… What’s All This Hype About Green M&Ms Anyway?

green-mms-candy-heartsI agree with Ben Kunz who says Mars, the maker of M&Ms, is brilliant.

You see, they’ve decided to package Green M&Ms for Valentine’s Day this year.

It’s no secret that chocolate has its own aphrodisiac qualities. Now, top that chocolate with a green candy coating, and you’ve got the best of both worlds!

Ask chocolate lovers to define chocolate and they will describe it as ‘the love drug,’ ‘the eighth wonder,’ ‘the food of the gods,’ ‘a wicked pleasure,’ ‘better than sex,’ and ‘the secret drug of happiness.’ Source

Here’s everything you want to know about Green M&M’s and some reasons you might want to go green with your favorite candy this year.

Green is the new pink… right?


photo by dustywrath

See how you can make your own personalized M&Ms — green ones, or any color you choose!

Green M&M’s For Valentine’s Day

green-mms-character.gifThey’re saying that green is the new color of love.

Red is out. Pink is out. Green is all the rage this year… and that includes your favorite candies!

Here is the official press release from Mars Snackfood about their Green M&M’s.

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From one of the videos below:

Ms. Green joined the M&M’S pack in 1997 as the first (and only) female spokescandy. She instantly captivated fans of the iconic candy with her luscious lips, slightly suggestive smile and white-hot go-go boots. Famous for her sometimes intimidating “I melt for no one” bravado, Ms. Green is turned on by simple candlelit dinners… in Paris, and isn’t shy about promoting her beauty and special powers.

Fun Videos Featuring Ms. Green M&M

Secret ‘Powers’ Of M&Ms Colored Candies

green-mms-valentines-dayWhether Green M&Ms have aphrodisiac qualities or not is largely debated — for years it’s been this way.

The rumor that these green candies are an aphrodisiac apparently started or first gained prominence in the 1970s, when students reportedly picked the green ones out of packages to feed to the objects of their desires. (At that time, an average of 10% of plain M&Ms and 20% of peanut M&Ms were green.) Why the Green M&Ms were attributed with this power is unknown — perhaps it was because the color green has always been associated with healing and fertility. (The company itself routinely states that they cannot explain any extraordinary ‘powers’ attributed to Green M&Ms, either scientifically or medically.) Snopes

Did you know there is another ‘secret power’ that Green M&Ms are rumored to have? This one centers around baseball. Supposedly, if you eat a Brown M&M, you’ll get a single. Eat a Yellow M&M and you’ll get a double. Eat a Orange M&M and you’ll get a triple. And eat a Green M&M and you’ll get a HOMERUN!

Here’s the video:

Green M&Ms Tips

green-mms-tshirt.jpgWant your own Green M&M’s T-shirt, coffee mug, plush character, etc? There are lots of fun Green M&M products here!

Now, you can order Green M&Ms for yourself!

Read more about the history of M&Ms and all of their many colors. (Green is only one of about 25 different colors that M&Ms have been made in.)

Make your own personalized M&Ms candies in lots of fun colors.

By the way, they say that Green M&Ms taste just the same as other colors of M&Ms…