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Here are some cool things you can do with a microwave that you might not have have heard before.

Campfire Cones are the perfect sweet treat for kids of all ages -- a great alternative to traditional Campfire Smores. My favorite Campfire Cones recipe and tasty Smores ideas that work well inside waffle cones. These can be made at home in the oven, on the grill, or on a campfire!

Here are 2 mouth-watering ice cream recipes that can be prepared in just 30 minutes, plus videos and tips for making homemade ice cream yourself WITHOUT an ice cream maker!

This top 10 list of foods, can bring foodborne illness to your dinner table real quick. Food poisoning often starts where the product originated, or along the journey, all the way to your dinner table. If you don't clean and cook the product properly you're also responsible.

Here is a list of ingredients that you can mix & match to make a variety of different fruit Smoothies.

Some of the best little-known cooking tips and food prep hints from Martha Stewart... and a few from me too.