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Whether you're looking for a party appetizer or a quick & easy meal, these Potato Skins are super simple and quick to make. This potato recipe will be one that you refer to often!

What do you do with the potato skins when you're potato peeling? Do you toss them down the drain? STOP! Here's why, plus fun uses for those potato skins & unique ways to use whole potatoes.

It's cheaper to buy potatoes in bulk, like in 20lb bags or larger sacks of potatoes. This sampler of fun potato recipes shows that no matter what meal you're preparing, there is a way to include potatoes and make it unique!

When it comes to the best mashed potatoes, my wife likes plain and simple whipped potatoes. I prefer hearty flavored smashed potatoes. See how we settled the whipped vs smashed potatoes debate once and for all.

A list of food scraps that cannot be put down the garbage disposal, plus tips for getting the most of that handy disposer in your kitchen sink.

The $2-$3 you pay for a bag of processed hash brown potatoes can be replaced with this more satisfying, better tasting, homemade potato dish. It only costs pennies to make -- especially when you buy your potatoes in bulk 20-lb bags! Here's how we make our own breakfast potatoes from scratch.

Here are all the best cooking tips I've acquired through the years... and they REALLY work. Enjoy!

Usually when I peel potatoes (such as when making mashed potatoes), I just use a potato peeler and skin them in the kitchen sink. Then, boil the peeled potatoes in hot water, and so on. But, by the looks of this video, there's an easier way to peel a potato. Check out this video.

Some of the best little-known cooking tips and food prep hints from Martha Stewart... and a few from me too.