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Eating out doesn't have to be expensive. And being on a budget doesn't mean you have to eat from a drive-up window. It's sometimes even cheaper if you don't!

We go to Sonic drive-in at least once every week. Tonight at Sonic I noticed a few unique things I'd never seen before. These 4 things are just SOME of the reasons that Sonic is our all-time favorite fast-food restaurant.

Eating in restaurants you've never been in before can be difficult for those on gluten-free diets. When you're traveling and trying to find gluten-free foods when you dine out, some cuisines are easier than others -- like Mexican food. In Page, Arizona, we stopped at a Mexican restaurant called Fiesta Mexicana. Here's my review. Plus some great gluten-free beers!

Jimmie's Diner is a 50's diner in Wichita, Kansas where all the waitresses wear poodle skirts and ponytails. And the food is scrumptious.

Food on a stick can be a delicacy in some countries or an everyday food in others. Check out these weird foods!... photo by magical-world on Flickr

See how the major airports stack up when it comes to healthy (and tasty) restaurant food. The following reports on airport food can help you to make good choices -- when you're traveling by plane.

Here's some fun and funny stuff about pizza delivery drivers. Do you know how much delivery drivers get paid? What about tips? Check out these little-known facts about pizza delivery drivers.

From the hit song by Hot Apple Pie called 'Hillbillies Like It Like That' to the Jason Aldean song called 'Hicktown'... you'll find a lot of Hillbilly humor here, including some pictures from Lambert's Cafe: Home of the Throwed Rolls!

How many of you knew that Wendy's was offering a free Frosty to anyone who asked for it this past weekend? It was advertised on their website and in television commercials: Offer good Friday, May 13 through Sunday, May...

At Smoothie King, for a mere 6 carbs -- in your daily allotment of 20 on the Atkins plan -- you get to choose from a lusciously light Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, or Banana Smoothie. What you get is something more like a lumpy ice-filled cup with a squirt of some artificially flavored concoction inside. Blech! Don't do it.