Preparing & Cooking Food

Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Food & Avoid Food Waste

See how to stop wasting leftover food. In addition to all of these ways of saving money on your grocery bill, it is also wise to make the most of your leftovers — and to be more careful with meat and produce — in order to prevent waste.

Glazed Baby Carrots …With A Kick!

We like these glazed carrots so much, we’ve been eating them practically every day for a couple of weeks now! You can’t eat too many carrots, can you? I mean, your skin doesn’t start to turn orange or anything, does it?

Gluten Free Recipe: Sausage Spinach Stir Fry & Gluten Free Pasta

Tonight, I wanted to make spaghetti, but I didn’t have any spaghetti sauce. I also didn’t have all the things I needed to make it. So, I put together some things I did have and came up with a pretty good dinner. It is gluten free, and low in fat and sugar, so it was good for both of us.

Homemade Gluten-Free Enchiladas

I learned to prepare lots of Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes when I was living in south Texas. I also learned to love the chipotle flavor there. Chipotle is a fully ripened and smoked jalapeno pepper, so adding it to your food gives it a warm, smokey flavor. Here is my recipes for homemade gluten-free enchiladas using Knorr Mini Cubs Chipotle Seasoning.

Fun Rachael Ray Sayings & Measurements

Food recipes are meant to be tried, experimented with, and enjoyed… the way YOU like ’em! And Rachel Ray helps tremendously with this! Here are some of Rachel Ray’s special touches that make cooking FUN…